About Us

Our headquarters are located in Grand Rapids, Michigan with branches in Livonia (Detroit) and Cincinnati, Ohio. We are dedicated to exclusively servicing the wholesale market with next-day service of the best brands and most complete inventories of engine and performance parts in the
Great Lakes region. Our highly experienced outside sales people will make sure you get the right parts you need when you need them. Our knowledgeable inside sales staff is ready and willing to assist with your order by phone. With hundreds of years of combined
experience, our inside phone people are able to help with even the most technical parts application questions.
Qualified customers are welcome to use Qwik-Order, our online live inventory ordering system. It's fast, accurate and convenient.

About Qwik-Order
Qwik-Order is the industry's most complete electronic catalog and interchange database that allows Perfit/Michigan Engine Pro customers to quickly price parts and kits with minimal effort. The system consolidates the cataloging of all the major engine parts manufacturers into one user-friendly interface so customers can shop all the major brands in one convenient location.
If you'd like to know more about this ordering system, contact us at >Perfit@enginepro.com.

We support grass roots racing
Some suppliers boast about their big-name national racing affiliations. We like to support local tracks and Midwest racing series. By providing thousands of dollars in sponsorship revenue and in-kind donations each year, we support local racers who, in turn, support local
racing engine builders. That's good for them, good for us, and most important, good for you, the engine professional.
Find out more at our motorsports page: >Engine Pro Racing